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Jessy Dunn
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OK, so I graduated with a B.A. in liberal arts from Penn State Berks Campus in May 2006, and I'm from Berks County PA, which is right on the edge of the urban area of Philadelphia and bumblefuck rural PA, where there is nothing but farms and hardly and culture or civilization. I live very close to the border between Berks County and Lancaster County, which is famous for it's Amish population, a la the movie "Witness" with Kelly McGillis and Harrison Ford (which, incidentally, was filmed on location in Lancaster County PA). I used to attend Mansfield University as a music ed major and some might remember me as the "idiot" who fell down the hill behind Steadman and majorly sprained her ankle. For a while, that seemed to be my claim to fame up there.

I currently work in the County Welfare Office as a Clerk Typist II, which means that I'm a glorified secratery. But hey, it's a gov't job and the benefits are great! I started working here in June of 2008.

I someday wish to move to New York City. I *LOVE* New York City with a passion.

I am proud to admit that I am a "Star Wars" Geek/Nerd. If you couldn't tell by now, Harrison Ford is my favorite actor. But when you're a child of the 80's, and constantly watched "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" as a kid, it's not too hard to imagine why that is.

Besides the movies already listed, "The Princess Bride" is another of my all time favorite movies. If I could ever find a guy anywhere similar to Westley, I'll die a very happy old lady.

I *LOVE* classic rock music. In fact, the majority of the radio stations programmed on the radio in my car are classic rock stations. My favorite is WMGK 102.9 from Philly. My favorite groups are The Beatles and Queen.

I also know a basic understanding of html, so you'll see me sprinkle it into my journal entries from time to time .

I'm also a fan of the a cappella group Rockapella from "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" and Folger's Coffee commercial fame.

I also am a huge fan of the many incarnations of "The Phantom of the Opera". In fact, that is the source from where I get my online/internet alias "Erik's Angel 15". Erik being the name of the Phantom himself and '15', being the date from the first time I ever saw ALW's musical version on stage. (October 15th, 1998)

I am also hugely interested in tarot, and tarot deck reading. I've been trying to teach myself the understanding of it for since May of 2005.

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